Welcome to Settlers of Orion!

SOO is a turn based Hybrid board game. It's much like playing Settlers of Catan, but with a SCIFI theme and much more content.

The game features many game setup options to ensure that it will be challenging, even for the best of players. Some of these options include how random the map is generated, what AI races you play against, what advantage you give the AI players and if the AI players decide to sanction you once you get within 75% of the Victory Points required to win the game.

The game also features a game to game advancement system. Each time you win or lose a game, you are awarded game tokens based upon how well you did. Once you have accumulated enough tokens, you can spend them to unlock additional more powerful races or to unlock game artifacts for you to use in all of your future games.

The game also features 14 Steam Achievements as well as a leaderboard of the players that have accumulated the most total game tokens during their games.

The game is scheduled for release before June 1, so watch for it on Steam!

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